Meet the local retailers at Victoria Park Central

Our local businesses are the heart and soul of our Centre. They’re the people behind your delicious daily coffee, fresh cuts of premium meat, immaculately steamed work shirts, and carefully curated looks. Now, we’re here to share the stories behind each one of them. Get to know our local retailers below, so that next time you drop in to support their business, they’ll know you’re here for them, too.

Meet Prins

There aren’t many places you can go to experience fresh, authentic, Sri Lankan cuisine. That’s why Victoria Park Central was so grateful to welcome new restaurant, Uduna, in June 2021! Though they’re still only new, owner Prins has loved sharing his passion for cooking delicious Sri Lankan food with the community.

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Meet Kage

There is something about Japanese cuisine that makes even the simplest dishes look and taste luxurious. But only when it’s prepared just right. Mayumi Sushi is one place that you’re guaranteed to find delicious Japanese food, and business owner Kage loves putting smile on his customers’ faces.

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Meet Kevin

Kevin from Redfin Fresh Seafood can recommend the perfect seafood for any occasion or season. Read on to learn his top seafood pairings, who he would love to have at a dinner party and why he is everyone’s favourite seafood supplier!

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Meet Grace

Grace from Hair Day loves the challenge of creating the perfect style for every client. Her expertise combined with imported certified and organic products makes for happy clients. She is also a local and call tell you all about Victoria Park's hidden gems!

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Meet Dr Arwen

Dr Arwen has devoted herself to providing the best service to build a happier, healthier community. She regularly participates in local community events and loves seeing it flourish.

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